Ubuntu ini menarik menjilat siku betul

Ni ape ni wei???? OK, aku nak meroyan dah.siap2 ye! muahaha

SmartSVN gila

1) Download SmartSVN-6.0.1 from http://www.syntevo.com/smartsvn/download.html

2) open ur terminal and type sudo apt-get update & sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

3) uncompress the downloaded SmartSVN file and move it’s contents into /opt/SmartSVN-6.0.1/

cd into the directory u dowloaded the file, type

tar -xf smartsvn-generic-6_0_1.tar.gz
sudo mkdir /opt/SmartSVN-6.0.1
mv smartsvn-6_0_1/* /opt/SmartSVN-6.0.1/
sudo mkdir /var/www/moquet
CGI cipan

The PageMaker contains instances of CGI, Template, database connection object, the schema objects and the configurations.

Each web pages is split into 5 distinctive components. They are, the header, the footer, content, css and javascript. As you can see, since the header and the footer of the website is uniform through out the website, we can have one common header and footer for all pages and hence there is only one header and footer template. And each page has it’s own content template named after the page title itself. Besides the content, we have special styles for each page and so each page has it’s own css file and for fancy eye candy stuff a javascript file (javascript files are not need for time being as we don’t have special effects on the site).

PDB bangang

the PDB download script should have all this functionality:

1) use Net::FTP package and dynamically crawl through all the directories on the pdb ftp site. i.e. if PDB decides to add a new directory on their ftp site, the script should automatically download the contents of that dir too without us modifying anything.

2) The script should parse each PDB file it downloads to get the sequences and update our tables in the motif database automatically. in DBIx, there is a function called create_or_update() which automagically updates or creates the entry.

3) if possible the script should do parsing and downloading simultaneously. For this, you can try using Thread package, if you can’t, no problem. we can optimize it later.

Baik, saya dah abis meroyan sorang2. wakakaka!.


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2 responses to “Ubuntu ini menarik menjilat siku betul

  1. aduka

    ko buat ape ni lizz syg smpai SVN SVN plak ni.. cam keje aku la plak.. jd progrmmer gak ke? muahahaha.. slmt dtg ke alam yang saket kepala tahap bangang!

  2. lizz

    aduka~haha!aku programmer tak bertauliah lgsg.bkn cam ko.wahahha

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