Whats wrong with all people ah?

This morning..i feel good!! i got 1 sms from my frenz,gelak2..then, time nak breakfast my phone ringing and aku tengok number yg appear lah kan…yeah, i know lah sape yang phone..haha!! borak2 then aku continue ar bekpes..senang cite,semue best2 ajelah pagi tadi…BUT,bila aku online internet…usha2 website..shit! menyirap darah aku ni…i texted my best fren and asked her bla..bla..sorry ya kalo terlepas geram td..hehehe!! im ok guys..but please..tell me..why people like this ah??? or maybe im too sensitive ya??Oh God please tell me why…..huwaa!!!!

*Thanks to you yang give me a teddy bear picture ya just now..so sweet.thnx againz

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